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Originating in 1810, Moore's Family Farm has remained in operation and the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th generations currently live on the farm! Today the farm consists of 475 acres located in South Central Kentucky, nestled alongside Barren River. 

In 2007, Joe Michael Moore and his son Andy Joe, formed Moore's Country Sausage, LLC, where they specialize in country sausage along with other fresh pork products. The Moore's also manage a cattle herd consisting of 125 Angus cows, and through Moore's Country Sausage, sell Angus Beef directly to customers. Most recently, Moore's Country Sausage added All Natural Lamb to their list of available products. 

The Moore's follow the belief that high quality meat products are the result of healthy animals which were fed based on a well managed feeding program. To achieve and ensure this, the Moore's raise all of their animals (hogs, cattle, sheep) on the farm, with every animal's health and welfare being the first priority. They also produce their own corn and hay, which through the nutrient rich feed they make directly on the farm, is fed to all of the animals!

 The home of Moore's Country Sausage, LLC

   2021-2022 Farmer's Market

            Angus Beef

      All Natural Lamb

Moore's Family Farm in Glasgow, Kentucky

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*We're currently taking orders for 2022 processing dates!

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Visit the Fine Arts Bistro located in downtown Glasgow, KY on the Public Square for a dynamic breakfast and lunch experience! "The Bistro" specializes in sourcing local products, including premier meats from Moore's Family Farm!

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A Tradition Since 1810

Moore's Family Farm

Fine Arts Bistro

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