Angus Beef Available

    Moore's Family Farm raises high quality Angus cattle to be sold directly to consumers as freezer beef. All calves are born on the farm and raised on pasture. The Moore's also grow all of the corn on the farm, which is used to make the nutrient rich feed which will be fed to the cattle from weaning to finishing.          

     Customers purchase their beef based on the animal's live weight in relation to the portion of carcass they wish to reserve (whole, half, or quarter carcass). At the time of harvest the cattle weigh on average 1,200 lbs. - 1,400 lbs. Animals will be transported in May of each year, to a highly reputable meat processing facility in South Central Kentucky for harvest. This process allows folks to customize the processing and packaging of their carcass (or portion of carcass), as they wish. It is the responsibility of each customer to pay the meat processing facility for their services. 


 ***Moore's Family Farm is currently taking beef orders for 2020 processing dates.

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Angus is the Leading Breed

    In today's cattle industry, Angus is known as the leading breed for carcass quality when it comes to marbling, tenderness, and juiciness. In response to these desirable traits, the Moore's have spent the last several years increasing the quality of their cattle by investing in top Angus bloodlines that contribute to offspring, a high growth rate, increased feed efficiency, and exceptional marbling. To assist in making these positive herd management decisions, the Moore's have worked with Iowa State University to gather carcass data on their cattle. The Moore family believes there is a direct correlation between excellent performing cattle in the field and the highest quality beef on the table!

The History of Angus Cattle on Moore's Family Farm

    Angus cattle were first introduced to the Moore farm in 1977 when Joe Michael Moore incorporated a few cows into his existing mixed breed herd. Over the years, the many benefits of the Angus breed became more and more evident, and Joe Michael changed his breeding program to focus primarily on the Angus breed. To date, the 275 head cow/calf herd managed by the Moore family consists entirely of Angus cattle. 



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