​      Moore's Boston Terriers contain premier award winning bloodlines and have produced offspring which have been sold nationally and internationally! 

  • Current Breeding Stock:​                 - 5 Dams                                          - 4 Sires                                            - 4  AKC Registered Bloodlines  
  • Locations of Offspring Sold:          - Amsterdam, Netherlands          - Alabama, United States              - Florida, United States                - Illinois, United States                  - Indiana, United States                - Kentucky, United States            - Michigan, United States              - New York, United States            - North Carolina, United States  - Ohio, United States                    - Tennessee, United States           - West Virginia, United States
     Billy Joe and Doris Moore have been raising purebred registered  Boston Terriers for nearly twenty years! The fond memories Doris has always had of the Boston Terrier she had as a child prompted her and Billy Joe to get involved with the lovable breed.
     In August of 1995 Billy Joe and Doris purchased their first male dog (Benji) and soon purchased their first female (Misty) the following spring.The rest...truly has been history!
     Billy Joe and Doris have spent their "retired" years farming less and doing what they enjoy most - caring for their dogs! Today there are on average 35 puppies born annually on Moore's Family Farm!

Since 1995

AKC Registered

Moore's Boston Terriers in Glasgow, Kentucky

A Tradition Since 1810

Due to the passing of Billy Joe "Granddaddy", we do not plan on having any additional puppy litters at this time! 

Moore's Family Farm